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If you’ve been trying over and over to manifest what you want and it’s not working, you’ve come to the right place


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We are so happy to have you here.   Thank you for finding us.  We know that you didn’t come here by accident.  Most likely you are here because you have been struggling to  manifest what  brings you joy. It’s quite likely that you have been led here by your Higher Self so that you can learn and experience the additional pieces of the manifesting puzzle –new information that makes manifesting easy and powerful.

Have you doubted your ability to be the powerful manifestor you are meant to be? Dealt with the feelings of anger, perhaps even betrayed and maybe even got to the point where you felt like throwing in the towel. We understand because we’ve been there too. And we have been shown a way to help you.

We are here to share with you the Higher Wisdom received when Debbie reached up and asked her Highest Guidance, “How can I best serve you.”  It was at that moment that channeled information about the New Energy of Manifesting came pouring in. Debbie was guided by her Higher Wisdom and shown how to work with important Universal Laws like the Law of Creation and the Law of Alchemy, in addition to turbocharging the Law of Attraction.

All of this guidance is given by Higher Wisdom, to support people like you, to strengthen your ability to manifest successfully in these new energies and evolving times. You don’t have to settle for where you are. It is possible to kick your limitations to the curb,and manifest what brings you joy, now.  We are continually being guided to bring forward new information and energetic processes that make manifesting easy and fun.

It is our joy and mission in life to be your manifesting support team and we invite you to look around our site to see where you can receive the most benefit right now.


In Service to You. With Many Blessings,


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